Latonia Harris » Ms. Latonia Harris 8th Grade ELAR

Ms. Latonia Harris 8th Grade ELAR

Attention All,
  Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I will continue to use the online teaching Apps such as Apex Learning, and Common Lit to enhance our much needed educational learning experience.  Please continue to work on your assignments. I encourage all students to complete their weekly assignments in a timely manner. 
Apex Assignments:
04(20-24) 20- 8.5 A, 8.6B, 2. Genres- Literary Genres
04(27)-5(1)20-8.8B, 8.11A, 2. Genres- Poetry
05(4-8)20- 2. Post Test
05(11-15)20- 3. Language Usage-Figurative Language
Pleas check Google Classroom for Common Lit Assignments.
Contact Information:  
Email Address:
Continue working on assignments on the APEX schedule and Common Lit within the google Classroom.