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Team Titan Discipline Plan
  • A strong applicah to discipline can reinforce approipriate behaviors and establish respect between the team and student
  • Teaching expected behavior is an important part of the discipline process.
  • Active teaching and/or active monitoring can prevent minor infractions.
  • Prompt attention to minor infractions works to prevent major infractions and maintain an atmosphere for good instruction.
  • Intervention is neede when the teacher cannot teach or any student cannot learn.
  • Refocus allows student to calm down, reflect on their behavior and prepare to rejoin the class.


Referral Steps for Student Misbehavior


1st = Verbal Warning


2nd = Teacher - student conference & log reinforcement


3rd = Informal Parent conference (by phone)


4th = Formal Parent conference (face - to - face)


5th = Referral for Administrative Intervention




1 Tardy - Verbal Warning


2 Tardies - Parent Conference


3 Tardies - Referral to Assistant Principal
Cell phone Misues & Electronic Devices   Major Discipline Infractions
Parent Pays $15 confiscation fee per
infraction to an administrator
  Major infractions in an immediate referral

Please note: This is a framework for teachers, parents and students, and may be revised depending on the school's needs.